CONNECT Architecture & Design PC is a small architecture design firm located in Des Moines, Iowa. We offer a wide range of personalized services to assist with your project. We work in a highly-collaborative manner while carefully listening and responding to YOU - the Client. We have a strong base of repeat clients who rely on our responsive and reliable services. We take pride in our successful projects by building rewarding and lasting relationships with our Clients.


We have over 25 years of experience working for private owners, developers and public entities. Every project is unique and we can assist you in a variety of ways.
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Full Design Services
  • Building Condition Surveys
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Do you have a need for a project but you do not know exactly what it should be? Do you just need a few quick sketches to gain an understanding of all the possible options? We can help you by identifying the best possible solutions and providing concept sketches of what those solutions may look like. This information is very important at the very early stages of a project to decide if the project makes sense based on the financial, legal, and use parameters.
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We offer full design and construction administration services for new construction, renovations or additions on commercial or residential projects. However, most projects follow a traditional process as outlined below:

Step 1: Planning and Feasibility.
The first step in every project is understanding all issues involved to achieve a successful outcome. This is an important step as we will discuss and document all of your goals and needs and identify any obstacles or requirements we need to work with as your project progresses.

Step 2: Concept Design.
During this phase we will present you with several sketches to show different approaches the project may take. We will provide you with our opinion of the expected costs of construction. We will refine these sketches until we arrive at a solution that you agree meets your needs.

Step 3: Design Development.
We will work further with the selected concept design in order to better understand how the design can be built and used. Additional drawings with more detail and information will be provided so that you better understand the project.

Step 4: Construction Documents.
At this step, we will prepare detailed drawings and specifications with will be used by the contractor to build the project. These documents will form the agreement between you and the contractor.

Step 5: Hiring a Contractor.
There are several different ways to find a contractor for your project. We can recommend a contractor we have worked with on past projects or you may have a contractor already in mind. You may want to send the documents to a select group of contractors for an invited bid or you may be required to release the documents for a public bid. Either way, we are there to help you evaluate the proposals and securing the best contractor for your project.

Step 6: Construction.
The most exciting part of the entire process can also be the most stressful. Construction is always involved with a lot of uncertainties and unknowns that show up when least expected. There are literally hundreds of decisions that need to be made during this phase and we can be there to help. We are actively involved during this important step to ensure that the documents are being read and understood correctly by the contractors and suppliers and the best decisions are being made. In case of disputes, we can act as a third-party negotiator between you and the contractor.

At the end of this process the result is a custom, one-of-a-kind design which addresses the specific needs and requirements in a truly unique manner. Our goal is to help you all along with the steps above so that the experience is rewarding, enlightening and worthwhile.
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Existing buildings always require monitoring, maintenance, and improvements. We offer independent professional services to visit your facility and conduct an on-site inspection and field survey. We will provide you with a written, certified, third-party professional opinion report on the state of your facility addressing needed areas for improvements or building code deficiencies.


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Here are just a few of the compliments that our Client's have given us.
  • "Dan values the insights of his clients beyond most in his field, ... [his] collaborative and adaptable personality allowed him to bring out our best."
    Bill S.
  • "It was a joy to work with an architect that did not have the attitude: "It is my way or the highway!"...."
    Gladys S.
  • "Dan provides a personal service that gives you the confidence that your needs and concerns are heard and addressed."
    Max H.
  • "Dan takes great pride in his work and strives to make sure that every element of the project is done properly and to the clients satisfaction."
    Rick W.
  • "Dan provides consistent effort and remains thoroughly engaged during every aspect of project design, development, and implementation."
    Greg B.
  • "When working with Dan he was very attentive to our needs whether our project was big or small in scale."
    Brian V.
  • "... Well defined plans and specs allowed us to stay on budget and have finished projects that met and exceeded our expectations!... Your openess to ideas, repsonse to our requests, and ownership of our project, has been oustanding. You are very fair but firm and those qualities are hard to find today..."
    Larry M.
  • "Your skillful design has defined the project as one of historic proportions. And for that, we are very grateful."
    Annette S.
  • "Dan has become our friend. He goes far beyond the call of duty, doing so many little extras that were not espected, but certainly has made the difference between a normal piece of work and an outstanding project... Dan is head and shoulders above any architect with whom I have worked..."
    Richard W.